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We have introduced the ``Ii Seikatsu Home,'' an app exclusively for residents, which allows residents to inquire about problems and problems with their rooms, as well as check notifications from the management company on their smartphones.

What is Good Life Home?

For example, you can easily send a message with a photo or video using the chat function to find out about a malfunctioning air conditioner or the location of a water leak, making it quicker and easier to contact someone than by phone. Also, unlike traditional telephone contact, you can send and receive messages via chat, so you can easily contact us during your free time, such as while commuting to work or school.
Furthermore, important notices such as fire inspections and water works, which until now could only be checked on the local bulletin board of your rental property, can be checked on the in-app bulletin board, so you can avoid overlooking anything even when you are out and about.


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Download materials for residents

Regarding cancellation, if you are unable to use Ii Seikatsu Home, you can also do so by sending us the following documents.

Tenants who wish to cancel their contract

The date of receipt of this notice will be determined by the date it is postmarked by our company, or if sent by email or fax, the date of receipt of the notice.

As Ii Seikatsu Home does not provide information regarding name changes, please use the following documents.

Tenants who wish to change their name

Guarantee company joining fee and name change fee are required. Please call us for details.
Depending on the insurance company's judgment, we may refuse the name change. note that.

Regarding various other materials

Tenants who wish to renew their tenancy

When the renewal period comes, we will mail you a set of renewal documents.
*This is a sample only. The documents will be mailed to you.

Tenants who wish to receive a garage certificate

Please send documents that require our seal, such as a certificate of permission to use the storage space, by email or post.
We will fill out the form and put our stamp on it, and then return it to you.
*Documents are not issued by our company. Please apply at the police station that has jurisdiction over the area where your garage is located.

Please send all documents by mail, fax, or mail.
Mailing:Address: Conspirito Co., Ltd. Rental Management 1-5-1 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0035

indoor troubles

Dear residents, please refer to this case study first.

air conditioner

no air conditioner

During operation, the air may not come out depending on the indoor temperature. This is not an abnormality, so please wait for a while. Also, please clean the filter, check the remote control battery, and check that there are no objects (plants, etc.) around the outdoor unit that are obstructing heat radiation.

The air conditioner makes a clicking sound or a beeping sound.

This is a sound that occurs when the balance between indoor and outdoor air pressure is disrupted, such as when a ventilation fan is turned on. This is a phenomenon that occurs especially in highly confidential apartments, etc., so there is no particular problem. If you are concerned, please ventilate the area by opening a window.

If water leaks from the air conditioner

There may be backflow of waste water from the drain hose. This phenomenon occurs due to dirt on the filter, so please clean it regularly.

Air conditioner suddenly stops working

Stop operation once, unplug the power plug, wait a while, plug it in again, and restart the operation.

Unit bath/ventilation fan

If the drain is clogged

  • 1. Remove the trap cover.
  • 2. Remove the eye plate, remove accumulated dirt and hair, and wash away dirt with a brush.
  • 3. If the stain is difficult to remove, wash it off with a neutral bathroom detergent.
  • 4. When putting it back together, thoroughly rinse off the detergent and wipe it dry. Attach it to its original position, paying attention to the direction of the part and not forgetting to attach it.

If the drainage unit or drain trap is clogged with things, it will not only prevent water from draining smoothly, but also cause water to overflow on the floor and cause a bad odor, so please clean it regularly.

When I turn on the ventilation fan, there is a noise coming from the air conditioner/window.

The apartment is highly confidential, so it will be kept in a sealed state. When installing a ventilation fan in a unit bath or kitchen, be sure to open windows and vents to allow air to pass through.


Water does not flow even when the lever is raised or lowered

The chain part of the float valve is broken or malfunctioning inside the tank, so please pull the floating rubber chain inside the tank.

The water in the toilet won't stop

If the low tank water discharge lever does not stop even after you move it, the following may be the cause:

  • ●Is the arm that lifts the rubber valve inside the low tank caught or the chain tangled?
  • ●Is the floating ball stopping position higher than the overflow pipe?
  • ●Is the floating ball caught somewhere?

toilet is clogged

Please use the rubber cup to suck up the clogged substance without running water.

  • 1. Press the rubber cup all the way down the drain of the toilet bowl.
  • 2. Repeat vigorously pulling and pushing towards you.

About emergency response

Conspirito accepts calls 24 hours a day in case of equipment abnormalities (water supply/drainage equipment, electrical equipment, etc.). In addition, the building management company monitors the common areas at the disaster prevention center, and has a system in place to respond immediately in the event of an abnormality signal.
Even at night or on holidays, our affiliated companies or specialized technicians will rush to your apartment as soon as possible from our 24-hour emergency center to check the scene and provide first aid. Depending on the situation, we will notify the police, fire department, gas company, etc. to prevent the situation from escalating. We provide an environment where you can live with peace of mind and maintain the asset value of your building for many years to come.

During emergency response
Contact information
Weekdays: 10:00 to 18:00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) 03-6670-3905
Times other than above
(Night/Holiday Emergency Center)

In order to more smoothly report income and expenditures and manage assets for owners, we have introduced "WealthPark Business" to provide faster management response.


What is WealthPark Business?

WealthPark Business is a business support system that connects real estate owners and management companies through an app. Exchanges such as income and expenditure reports and purchase and sale proposals will become easier and faster.

WealthParch Business

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