I can't do it anymore! ? I can still go! ? Real information on how to proceed with purchasing now for office worker landlords


\ Seminar started about 10 years ago /
\ Over 2,800 participants! /

This seminar will be held both offline and online.
After making a reservation, you can either come to the venue or choose to attend the seminar online (Zoom).

In order to take thorough measures to prevent infection at the venue, we will limit the number of people to 10 in a venue with a capacity of 40.
In addition, we ask for your cooperation with temperature checks, hand disinfection, wearing masks, etc.


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[What you will learn and the purpose of this seminar]

●An AMO certified real estate management company (※) with qualified personnel will talk about how to proceed with a purchase that will not lose out.
● We will teach the methodology and thinking to those who are worried that they have not been able to make purchases since the Suruga Shock.
● Real estate remains a useful way to manage funds, so let's reconsider how we use it.

The important thing in real estate management is not to "win" but to "not lose."
For those who are already real estate managers and those who want to become real estate managers in the future,
Those who want to continue to grow as "salaryman landlords",
This is something that everyone should listen to.

*What is an AMO certified property management company?
AMO® is an "accredited real estate management company" certified by IREM® (The Institute of Real Estate Management) after rigorous screening.
Conspirito is the ninth management company in Japan to receive this certification.



★★Introducing the schedule for the day★★

<Part 1>
● Methodology for purchasing assets from now on, assuming regional banks and non-banks
・Current market situation commentary
How to understand high interest rates
・How to extend the loan period
・How to understand self-financing
・Buying and selling in the post-COVID era (how to proceed, speed, etc.)
・The important thing is to be clear about whether you want to increase your assets or increase your cash flow.


<Part 2>
Case studies and asset formation concepts
・Introducing examples of our clients' purchases after the Suruga Shock
・Advanced analysis and discerning eye ➡ The era of "true real estate management" through management and operation
・The management industry is finally taking control, and management companies are entering an era where their consulting capabilities will be put to the test.
・Aim for real estate management that "doesn't lose" rather than "win"


<Individual consultation> *Only for those who wish
After the seminar, we will hold individual consultations with our specialist staff. (Online or on a different day is also available.)
We will respond to your case, including consultations on specific properties, financing, and incorporation.
Conspirito is also proud of its "strength in lending," which is unusual for a management company.
Current market trends, the latest financial institution trends, etc.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.


★★Features of this seminar★★

◎This is a seminar for a management company that provides one-stop services for all aspects of real estate management.
(Purchasing, sales, financing, management, construction, and sales, all done in-house)

◎ Property information will be made available exclusively to participants (regardless of whether it is an agent or seller)

◎This is not a promotional seminar with a large number of salesmen in attendance!

Date: March 26, 2022end
Venue: Hikarie Conference 11F Room D / zoom

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・Salaryman landlord
・Those considering a portfolio for inheritance planning
・Those who want to manage a large amount of funds securely
Current property owners


Name Yukio Murakami
Company name Conspirito Co., Ltd.
Position: Representative Director
Qualifications: Real Estate Transaction Agent, Rental Property Management Qualification, Inheritance Advisor, CPM (Certified Professional Manager)

Name Yusuke Hasegawa
Company name Conspirito Co., Ltd.
Title: Director, MS Division Head
Qualifications: CPM (U.S. Certified Real Estate Management Manager), Fire Prevention and Disaster Prevention Manager, Mortgage Loan Advisor, Middle and High School Social Studies Type 1 License, Inheritance Planning Consultant